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Thriphs Life Cycle

           The female thrips will deposit eggs in the leaf tissue. The eggs are kidney shaped.
           Each female thrips will lay approximately 10 to 100 eggs.
           They will began to hatch in 2 days depending on temperature and species.

           A nymph emerges from each egg, and it looks like an adult and it is wingless.
           During this stage of development, the thrips is feeding and molt atleast twice depending on species.

           During pre-pupa stage, the nymph's cuticle is seprated from the hypoderms. During this stage the nymphs do not eat and falls from host to soil or below leaf debris. In some plants it takes place in host.
           It may take only a few hours or upto several days.

           This stage will take place in soil or in host plant.
           At final stage adult thrips will emerge.

           The complete life cycle can be completed in 2 weeks depending on environmental condition.
           The adult thrips will feed by puncturing the host plants and suck the sap from the plants.

Growth and Development in Thrips
Stages T.palmi F.occidentalis General
15 ° c 32 ° c 15 ° c 32 ° c
Egg 16 days4-5 days11 days4-5 days3-5 days
Larva14 days4 days14 days5-6 days3.6-12 days
Pupa12 days3 days8-9 days3 days2.5-13 days
Male Female Male Female
Adult 7-12 days10-30 days14-35 days28-70 days2-3 weeks