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TOspovirus aGRIcultural DataBASE

Key to Identify Thrips:

     The order Thysanoptera comprises two suborders; the Tubulifera with a single large family, the Phlaeothripidae (3200 species in 430 genera), and the Terebrantia with one large and seven small families. The largest family of Terebrantia is the Thripidae (2000 species in 290 genera) and the seven small families are: Uzelothripidae (1 species, 1 genus), Merothripidae (17 species, 3 genera), Melanthripidae (60 species, 4 genera), Aeolothripidae (185 species, 23 genera), Fauriellidae (5 species, 4 genera), Adiheterothripidae (6 species, 3 genera), and Heterothripidae (70 species, 4 genera). Pest thrips species are restricted mainly to the Thripidae, of which about 50 species are considered to cause damage to one or more crop species and all 12 vectors of tospoviruses are members of this family.

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